The Langham boasts 12 guest rooms ranging from Doubles to rooms that will accomodate a family of five. Please select below to view a larger picture or panoramic image. Panoramic images have large file sizes, viewing on a mobile device is not recommended. Alternatively you can view a virtual tour of the Langham at Google Maps by clicking on the link below.

General Information

The Langham is ideally situated at the quieter end of the Esplanade but still just a five minute walk from the main shopping area.

Local stores include large Debenhams, ASDA & Boots outlets. A wide selection of fashion retailers to suit all tastes. Many stores offering tradional sea-side fare, and a healthy abundance of bric-a-brac shops for those who love a good rummage.

There is a large number of Bed & Breakfast venues in the town, which means a great selection of places to eat out. From high street staples such as McDonalds, KFC & Pizzahut, to excellent restaurants offering a mouth watering range, to simple (fabulous, local & fresh) fish & chips. Add tea-shops, cafes, kiosks, sandwich shops... It has been said that you could eat in a different place every day throughout the summer season.

On a more basic front, standard amenties are also well represented. The Langham is approximately a 5 minute walk from the nearest post office, about a 30 second drive from the nearest petrol station, and directly opposite the local chemist. All of the local newagents carry an excellent range of goods, and there are numerous banks and cash-points.